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Sushi Entrées

All served with soup and salad.


Nigiri Set

Seven pieces of daily fresh nigiri, one tuna roll


Sashimi Set

Sixteen pieces of assorted fresh raw fish, side of rice


Kaisen Chirashi

Premium assorted raw fish over bed of sushi rice with tamago and ikura


Nigiri and Sashimi Combo

Four pieces of nigiri, twelve pieces of sashimi, one spicy tuna roll


Trio Nigiri

Three pieces each of tuna, salmon, and yellowtail nigiri, and choice of one tuna, salmon, or yellowtail roll


Trio Sashimi

Five pieces each of tuna, salmon, and yellowtail sashimi


Salmon Lover

Seven pieces of salmon nigiri, one salmon roll


Tuna Lover

Seven pieces of tuna nigiri, one tuna roll


Mikado Boat

Ten pieces of nigiri, twenty-two pieces of sashimi, one mikado roll, one drama queen roll


Unagi Don

Broiled eel and seaweed over seasoned rice


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